Insufficient ventilation

The purpose of ventilation is to replace old, used air with fresh air. This exchange is decisive to creating a healthy indoor climate. New windows with effective sealing have been installed in many older residences. The apartments' air vents have been blocked to avoid cold draughts, dirt and noise. This has led to air-tight apartments with insufficient ventilation. This situation also increases the humidity in the apartments which favours the growth of mould and mites as well as the release of impurities from the building materials and interior decoration. Another problem is condensation on windows and cold wall surfaces. Buildings that have been constructed with light weight concrete often have dangerously high concentrations of radon in the indoor air. Light weight concrete was used in Sweden between 1929-1975 which means that there are many buildings that have been affected and need to have measures taken. By improving ventilation and the exchange of air, radon concentrations can be markedly reduced.

Exhaust air and natural ventilation systems

The used air in a residence is extracted via the kitchen hood and vents in the toilet and bathrooms. Easy-Vent for renovation is placed in other rooms such as the living and bedrooms. New air that is filtered and pre-warmed is drawn in. The fresh air flows through the apartment and picks up impurities that have accumulated in the air on its way to the kitchen hood and exhaust valves.

How Easy-Vent for Renovation functions

Outside air is led through the facade grille and intake duct into the air terminal that is mounted on the wall behind (Mini model below) the radiator. At the inlet to the air terminal there is a filter that prevents pollen and other contaminants from following the fresh air into the room. The purified air flows into the air terminal and then flows up alongside the rear of the radiator. Air is effectively warmed when it comes into contact with the surface of the radiator before flowing out over its upper edge. Draught-free and silent.
Easy-Vent for renovation increases the radiator's effect. Forced convection, combined with the large temperature difference between the radiator and the exterior air provides very effective heat transmission to the air.

Acticon otillracklig-ventilation-1-EN.jpg

Easy-Vent for renovation is placed behind the radiator in the living and bedroom.

Acticon otillracklig-ventilation-2.jpg

Exterior air is filtered and pre-warmed on its way through the air terminal and into the room. Like all fresh products, carefully handled to retain the highest quality.