Filtering system with UV-light and ozone for elimination of grease and odour reduction

  • Used in conjunction with high purification demands for a professional kitchen's exhaust air,
    for example, when heat recycling is employed.
  • Reduces odours from the kitchen that can
    disturb the surroundings
  • Air-cooled electronics and LED-indication ensures optimum performance
  • Very easy to install and to maintain
  • The system fulfills the highest safety demands

How the UV SAFE works

The UV SAFE is a complete system for grease and odour reduction in professional kitchens. Exhaust air is filtered in three stages. First, most of the grease particles are separated in the cyclone filter Cyklotec. Then, further filtering and temperature reduction occur at the wire mesh filter. Finally, the remaining grease and odours (gases) are exposed to UV-light in the filter housing’s reaction chamber. This process also continues in the exhaust air duct.

The UV-light breaks down the grease’s molecule chains into smaller components. Ozone then converts the decomposed grease molecules into carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of dust. These residual products are then transported out along with the exhaust air. Any residual ozone becomes oxygen. For the best possible decomposing of grease and elimination of odours, the exhaust air should be in contact with the ozone for at least two seconds to ensure a sufficient reaction. The duct’s length should therefore be dimensioned, so that it takes at least two seconds for the air to flow from the filter out into the open air.

Greater reliability with air-cooled electronics

All electronics such as ballast that controls the UV-lights are sensitive to high temperatures. Already at ambient temperatures of 50 C does the lifetime and reliability decrease dramatically. The consequence may be that not enough current is supplied to the UV-lights. Then these will not emit enough power or go out completely.

In our design the ballasts are air-cooled, which ensures full power of the UV-lights even at temperatures of 90 C in the exhaust air. It is also important to protect the electronics from grease and ozone. We have therefore designed the air cooling so that all greased air and ozone are prevented from coming in direct contact with the ballast, EMC-filter, holders and cables.

Complete system

UV SAFE is a complete filtration system that consists of the following components:

  • - Filter housing with UV-fluorescent lamps, measurement
    damper and wire mesh filter
  • - Filter cartridges (cyclone filters Cyklotec)
  • - Power unit
  • - Control panel
  • - All parts except the Power unit and Control panel are
    factory installed.

Control panel

UV SAFE is controlled by the control panel. All necessary information is available on the panel. On the bottom of the panel it shows how many hours there are left until replacement of the UV tubes, and when it’s time for cleaning. With a single keystroke you enter into the maintenance and service menu.


In the UV Cyklotec exhaust air is filtered in three stages.


1. The cyclone filter separates with centrifugal force. The grease condenses against the cyclone's wall and runs down into a collecting vessel.


2. When the air passes through the wire mesh filter the temperature drops and a steady air flow is created.
This is important in regard to optimizing the UV-light's beneficial effects.


3. The UV-light and ozone are produced by the fluorescent lamp in the filter housing’s reaction chamber. When the air flow comes into contact with the UV-light and ozone, the remaining grease is broken down and odours are reduced.


The keypad is activated by pressing the screen. The light-emitting diode (LED) on the bottom left glows green during operation.


The efficient 3-stage filtering minimizes the need to clean the exhaust ducts. Since no inflammable grease reaches and sticks to the inside of the exhaust duct, the risk of fire via the duct system is minimized.

reduced odours

Odours are almost always produced when food is prepared. These substances are often in gas form and cannot be captured by conventional filters. This is why odours are released into the open air with the exhaust air from the kitchen.
With the UV SAFE can these odours be reduced to a minimum. The ozone oxidizes together with the odour producing molecules and only water, oxygen and carbon dioxide remain. Eliminating unwanted odours with ozone is a well-tested method. This technique is common in fields such as the fish, food and process industries.


Grease-laden air from professional kitchens is not especially suitable for heat recycling despite the large amount of energy it contains. The hot, exhaust air that is filtered with the UV SAFE is free from grease and is very suitable for heat exchange purposes.
Any possible transfer of odours can be avoided by using batteries with separate input and output air connections. When a rotary heat exchanger is used, possible odour transfer is avoided if the system is equipped with an active charcoal filter from Acticon.


When cleaning, open the filter housing cover so that the wire mesh filter and the cyclone filter can be taken down for cleaning in the dishwasher. When the cover is opened, the UV-light tubes are also easily accessible for wiping, which should always be carried out in conjunction with the filter cleaning. Through this design, all important components that requires regular cleaning gets completely visible and easily accessible. Nothing can be “forgotten”. The system also reminds by an audio signal when it is time for cleaning. UV SAFE is a user-friendly system, whose design ensures an efficient and safe operation.


Our activated coal filters absorb gaseous impurities. To ensure effective filtering it is important that the contaminated air is in contact with the activated coal for as long as possible. A contact time of 0.25 second is sufficient in most cases. After a period of use the activated coal becomes saturated and its effectiveness declines. The useful life time of the filter is dependent upon the amount of activated coal it contains and the type of contamination in the exhaust air. The normal useful life time of a filter varies from between six months to two years.


The illustration shows an activated coal filter and a mounting frame for 16 individual filter cartridges. These filter cartridges are filled with 2.5 kg of activated coal. The cartridges are easily mounted and held in place with a bayonet mount


When the wire mesh filter and cyclone filter must be taken down for cleaning, the cover is opened and the UV-fluorescent lamps becomes accessible for cleaning

Operation TIME 12 000 HOURS

The UV-tubes has a life time of 12 000 hours. The system counts down the time during operation. On the control panel it shows how many operation hours it remains before lamp replacement. If any of the UV-tubes stop to light, the light of the corresponding LED on the filter housing cover will also disappear.

Exhaust air

The amount of filter cassettes needed in UV SAFE is determined by the exhaust air flow according to the following table.

air l/s
Number of
filter cassettes
ØDC mm
60 - 1501250
120 - 2502250
170 - 3403400
215 - 4304400
250 - 5205400

Air flow - Pressure drop - Sound level

Reported dB(A) values apply at 10 m2 Sabine, which corresponds to an attenuation of 4 dB.


ØDC = diameter exhaust air connection.

Sound power level

The sound power level Lw (dB), divided into octave bands, is obtained by adding the following correction Kw to the noise level in question.

Table Kw - exhaust air

UV SAFEFrequency, Hz

Sound attenuation

Reported sound attenuation ΔL (dB) regards the total sound reduction between the duct and room including end reflection.

Table ΔL (dB) - exhaust air

Number of
filter cassettes
Frequency, Hz