Research and development

Cooperation with universities and colleges who conduct research in our field has always been a valuable asset for Acticon. Due to this cooperation it has been possible to engage unique specialist expertise for internal projects. Acticon has also participated as an active partner in different research projects.

We also enjoy close cooperation with all types of actors in the construction business; everything from project planning, installation and inspection to actual using the products and maintenance. Taking best advantage of all of the experience and expertise that this yields is our most important source for continued development of energy efficient and smart ventilation solutions.

Forskning och utveckling - Acticon
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We believe in making the difficult easy - not until then is it genius!

Simplicity is often difficult. Many years of work and development in close cooperation with our customers lie behind Acticon's seemingly self-evident solutions. Contributing to technological development is one of the forces driving us, but always within the framework of our products being more energy efficient and user-friendly than other solutions. Quite simply - smarter solutions. Otherwise, they do not have a place in our range of products. Through the years, our work has resulted in a number of patented products which have received great appreciation in the market. We are proud of this. And more are on the way...

Our own air and acoustic technology laboratory has given us the opportunity to develop and evaluate modified solutions for specific customer projects.